When your industrial, commercial, or residential flat roof leaks, you need an immediate solution, often enough an urgent one due to heavy rain and bad weather conditions. When that happens, not always you have the time to ask for flat roofing contractors to provide you with next day quotes, yet you do not want to overpay because of that.

Our commitment to our customers includes fast and friendly service anytime including emergencies with the ability to offer permanent and temporary solutions to stop the leak so that we can better asses the damage and provide the most suitable solution to the flat roof when you are relaxed and without pressure. This way you know you have the right flat roofing company on your side.

If you have concerns about your flat roof, commercial or residential and want us to come, free of charge to inspect the flat roof, just fill out our form and we will contact you to schedule a free inspection.

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Flat roof restoration includes removing old materials, cleaning and prepping of the areas of the flat roof to be resurfaced with materials that will prolong the life of the new flat roof and will protect it from damages such as snow and rain.

Our roofers are all trained and experienced in the application and every stage of our work is carefully inspected to ensure a successful delivery of another fine flat roof project that we can be proud of.

Some flat roofs may be partially replaced while other parts can be repaired, if you are interested in this option please let us know and we will test each area of your commercial or residential flat roof separately, report the findings back to you with photos and estimate the best options and cost savings together with you.

This is our specialty and will usually cost about half of a new roof replacement.

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Flat roof replacement may be required when a roofing system is damaged beyond repair and can no longer be restored with confidence.

A flat roof may get damaged during severe weather conditions or material wear and tear over the years. The original flat roof is completely replaced in accordance with our stringiest flat roofing guideline.

We use materials that are known for their quality as well as durability and here is an important note to you when you are searching for flat roof repair quotes, the cost of the materials only effect a small percentage of the quote you receive from flat roofing contractors.

Most of the cost comes from labour not materials, is it really worth using cheap and many times sub standard materials in your project? we absolutely don't think like that and since we service our work, we want to make sure that we do it right the first time. There are many points to consider when reading a proposal all of which can be critical to your satisfaction over the years to come from your new flat roof.

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Operating in a thoroughly professional manner and always delivering on time, a list of more than 3,500 satisfied customers is a testimony to our roofing expertise. Serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Ajax, Oshawa and more.

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We always strive to deliver unmatched professionalism at competitive prices, all the while offering options to our customers that can reduce costs and give maximum durability to the flat roof repair or replacement job.

We aim to provide quality work at reasonable prices and seek customers who want a sensible relationship with a contractor who brings value to the job beyond what can be described in a written agreement.

Whether the job is to replace, restore, or simply repair roofing, we always find big smiles on our customer's faces upon completion of a project. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients.

Is your flat commercial or residential roof leaking? There could be many reasons for that to happen some may only require a small repair. Whatever the need, the flat roof repair and replacement experts at Roofing Experts can help! call us today or fill out a free quote request.

If a building has a roof on it, we can generally repair it. Many roofing companies will only offer an option for a new roof. Many times a roof can be repaired rather than replaced.

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People make a big deal about having a roof over their heads – and they should.
A roof shields you from the weather, provides a wonderful place to invite friends and family, and also gives you a place to call home, so when your roof needs replacement, you need to call a flat roofing company that you can trust.

Our Toronto flat roofing company has earned a reputation of perfection over the years, and we are proud of the fact, too. After all, not many people have earned a perfect 10 rating from Homestar, and even fewer regularly get perfect marks from customers every day.

Utilizing a wide array of different high quality flat roofing products, our superbly skilled team fixes, replaces, and also improves your flat roof in a short amount of time, with no mess left for you to clean up, and at a very reasonable price.

Unlike other Toronto flat roofing companies, we stand behind our work and do what we can to help you understand what needs to be done for your roof and why. Best of all, we always offer free estimates for customers who may want to shop around for the right flat roofing company for their needs.

When we work on your flat roof, you can expect the following from us:

1. Integrity. We will never, EVER lie about flat roofing problems, nor will we fudge time estimates in order for you to buy from us. We will tell it like it is.

2. Great prices. Good flat roofing service shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, so why pay that much for it?

3. Speed. No one wants to deal with a company that takes forever to fix a roof. We will make sure to do the job right in as short a time as possible.

4. Friendly service. If you have ever had rude service from a construction or repair company, you know how infuriating it can be. We will always treat you with respect, and also answer any questions you have about flat roof repair.

5. Work that lasts. When we walk away from a job, you can expect that your roof will last for years without any problem.

With such a level of high quality work, why would you want to go to any other flat roofing company? We offer our services throughout the GTA, so call today for a free and quick estimate!

Roofing Experts
Serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Ajax and Oshawa.