Flat Roof Facts

Your Flat Roof

Flat roofing is an entirely different strategy than steep roofing. While steep roofing is a shedding system, flat roofing is a watertight skin or membrane that is formed over the top of the building. If you think of a steep roof as an umbrella, houses with flat roofs don’t use umbrellas but use wet suits (or to be more accurate, dry suits). Since this is a different approach from steep roofing, there are a whole different set of materials, installation methods and conditions to look for. A roof must be considered a part of a building’s thermal envelope – a living, breathing part of the structure that is affected by what happens inside and out. It must work in perfect harmony with all forces of nature, structural dynamics of the building, and the constraints and imperfections imposed by man. Roofing Experts UNITIZE SEAMLESS© system was engineered to meet this challenge.

Your Flat Roof Performance

Why does all other flat roofing system will fail sooner rather than later?

A problem for building owners and facility managers is the fact that a cheap, poorly constructed roof won’t always reveal itself to be a problem immediately, usually the signs of small leaks reveal themselves, indicating there is a ‘problem” remember: water does not cause a leak, it tells you got a leaky roof !

When you consider the importance and expense of your flat roof investment, it makes sense to partner with the most reputable and experienced flat roofing contractor Roofing Experts prides itself to be as such.

The perfect flat roof would:

1. Keep water out.

2. Last the lifetime of the building.

3. Not pose any fire threat (during or after installation).

4. Be strong enough to walk on, move equipment across and be suitable for attaching

   equipment to.

5. Control heat loss and heat gain from the building.

6. Add to the architectural appeal of the building.

7. Be cost effective.


Flat Roofs Life Cycles & Cost Effectiveness

The ASTM D4798 Accelerated Weathering Test Method measures how much wear and tear asphalt can take by subjecting it to the same cycles of sunlight, temperature extremes, oxidation and water runoff that cause a roof to age. Most asphalts survive about 70 to 120 cycles—the equivalent of 15 to 25 years of wear. But Roofing Experts EVERLAST UNITIZED SEEMLEES© modified asphalt hangs tough through 193 cycles—that’s actually double what most normal asphalts would do, and provides up to 15 extra roof years from the asphalt itself.

Utilizing Roofing Experts premium flat roof systems provides the ultimate combination in durability; wind uplift resistance, energy efficiency and waterproofing. Ideally suited for recovering aged gravel B.U.R. or other asphalt based roofing systems,

Long-term analysis has shown that a quality designed roof system can cut the life-cycle costs of your roof by up to 50%. Plus, by reducing the number of times you replace your roof, you are taking an active role in decreasing the amount of waste that is transported to landfills. Roofing Experts EVERLAST UNITIZED SEEMLEES© roofing system – good for you … good for the environment.

Why install two, average roof systems in a 30-year period when you can install Roofing Experts premium, EVERLAST only once? By investing today, savings can be recognized well down the road.

Energy-Efficient Flat Roofing

Fully adhered roof systems offer the highest degree of stability and uplift protection and are essential for high elevations or extreme weather-prone areas where winds and harsh elements are a constant concern. Good roofing practice has always been to tear off an existing roof to the deck and replace it with new material, but that is beginning to change. The time has come in which tearing off an older roof may not be the best choice for either the building owner or the environment. Strong polyester reinforcing POLYMAX 180 scrim sandwiched between two plies PermaMop modified asphalt (S.E.B.S.).The reinforcement more than doubles the puncture resistance compared to non-reinforced membranes. Due to its dual-ply construction that makes it resistant to cuts, tears and scuffs, the ROOFING EXPERTS EVERLAST UNITIZED SEEMLEES©  system is ideal for rooftops where long-term performance and protection is absolutely essential.

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