Flat Roof Maintenance – What to Look for?

flat roof industrial building

It is essential to regularly have your flat roof maintained. This will ensure that your roof will hold up during harsh weather and aging. Regular maintenance is important for ensuring the safety of you and your family, but also for protecting your home investment.  Calling a repairman to keep your roof up to date is easy, and gives you the peace of mind that your roof is in tip-top shape. Need us to take a look at your flat roof? Call 416-605-9182 today.

This list will help you review with your flat roofing contractor possible issues to do with your residential, commercial or industrial flat roof:


Flat roofs are especially vulnerable to ponding. Ponding is when water, from rain, ice and snow, builds up into large pools. If left alone, the water can cause serious damage, like leaking, structural damage, and even roof failure. All of these things can cause serious damage to the inside of your home. A repairman will correct this with tampered installation.  


During your inspection of your roof, check for splits or cracks along the joints of your insulation. They may appear spongy, similar to ponding. These cracks are the result in freeze-thaw conditions, surface stress or poor workmanship.


Blistering is something that develops when air is trapped in the felt layers and the substrate. They often appear as raised, spongy looking spots. This is another thing to check for during your inspection.


Ridging is something that occurs in bituminous (built up) roofs in the insulation joints, and is usually the result of the roof membrane not being attached properly. This is caused by moisture that has condensed under the felt. Ridging will look like long, narrow cracks.  

Membrane Fasteners:

Another thing to look for during your inspection is loose fasteners (if your roof is a fastened system). These might become damaged due to water saturation or simply not being long enough.

Felt Movement

The felt layers on your roof will shift if the roof is exposed to excessive heat, like sun exposure, or if the wrong bitumen is used on your roof. If you notice your felt out of place, this was the cause.

Snow Removal

Living in a climate with long winters and heavy snowfall can cause strain on your flat roof, especially if you drains are not well maintained. Regularly check that your roof does not accumulate an excessive amount of snow and ice, because too much snow can result in a roof collapse, damaging your interior as well. If more than 12 inches of snow accumulates on your roof, call a repairman to remove it.

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