Roofing experts provides a range of roofing services including flat roof repairs and flat roof replacement. Our services are provided across Ontario in many cities including:

 Toronto  Scarborough  Etobicoke
 North York  Markham  Ajax
 Mississauga  Oakville  Oshawa
 Brampton  Burlington  Vaughan

With so many satisfied customers for flat roof repair and replacement we are your reliable choice of contractor to maintain a safe and functional flat roof over your residential, commercial and industrial structure.

As in many of our previous flat roof projects, we will provide you with a detailed proposal including a satellite image with the estimate of your property detailing the levels and features to do with your flat roof project.

With the information we provide, the project becomes much more clear and many times the client will be able to better understand what is required for the flat roof avoiding situations in which the active flat roof contractor has to hold the job till an unexpected issue is resolved and extra budgets are allocated. It can be frustrating but what can you do?


Roofing Experts take the time to conduct a proper detailed estimate of your flat roof project so that there will not be surprises, our estimates are on target both time and budget. We listen to your concerns and thoughts because your flat roof may have a very relevant history that we may need to be made aware of, such as specific areas of the flat roof that leak during rain storms, areas that the water drains to, “soft roof” and much more.

We take your roof very seriously, after all we provide our clients with a solid warranty and want to make sure your roof will stand strong against any weather condition like rain, winds, ice freeze and loads of snow. Moreover, we see every project as an opportunity to show you why you made the right choice to build relationship with Roofing Experts, happy clients send more clients to us, it is how we have expanded our business reach over the years.

Need an experienced and certified roof inspector? detailed flat roof estimate? urgent flat roof repair? replace your flat roof? flat roof maintenance plans?

Roofing Experts is your one stop shop for all your flat roof repairs and replacement in the GTA. Call now and we can be on your flat roof on same day.