Should You Replace Your Flat Roof Now?

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Flat roofs, as opposed to peaked roofs, give your home a modern, minimalistic feel and have a different system to keep water from leaking into the house. Like peaked roofs, there are different types flat roofs, and knowing your type will help you in knowing how to maintain your roof. But, like with everything, there comes a time when you are going to need to replace your roof. Knowing the difference between needing a repair or a replacement can be tricky, but here are some guidelines to follow.

You can also hire a professional to take a look at your roof to help you determine the best action. Roofing Experts serves residential, Commercial and Industrial flat roofs all over the GTA providing flat roof repairs and flat roof replacement including Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Vaughan, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Ajax, Markham, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Oshawa, and more.

Different Types of Flat Roofs:

The most common types of flat roofs are:

Roll Asphalt – Fiberglass felts are saturated with asphalt and applied over the base root felt. Asphalt cement and nails are then used to seal the roof

Single-ply Membrane – a waterproof, single layer is used to cover the roof.

Built-up Membrane – several layers of coated roof felts are installed with bitumen in between layers. The top layer of roofing sheet protects the other layers from weathering.

Flat-Seam Metal – many small pieces of sheet metal are soldered together to form a flat surface.

Flat Roof Maintenance:

If you keep up with maintenance, you will not need as many repairs, and will keep you from having to replace your flat roof for several years. One way to check if your roof needs maintenance is to get in the habit of checking it whenever it rains, to make sure remaining water is not sitting on your roof. It should be removed within three days to make sure not permanent damage is caused. If you have a large roof, consider installing a roof pump to remove the water automatically.

Signs of Flat Roof Needs to be Replaced

While flat roofs are fairly sturdy, but over time they still wear out. If you notice any of the following, it’s time for a roof replacement:

  • If holes and leaks start to develop on the roof and ceiling
  • if large roof panels have come apart and can’t be put back together
  • if the vapor barrier has been torn and infiltrated in the middle
  • if the top coating has been blown off by the wind

If you notice any of these on your roof, don’t hesitate, call a repairman right away. Replacing your roof before it can cause damage to the interior or structure of your home will be less is ideal. It will be cheaper and safer for you in the long run.

Caring for a New Flat Roof

After your flat roof has been replaced, keep in the habit of getting it maintenanced regularly. It will ensure your roof last for years. Another thing you can do is have an extra protective coating, such as polyvinyl, put on top, which will help resist various weather. Also, check the drains regularly, and make sure they do not get clogged.  

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