The Most Common Flat Roof Issues to Look For

Your flat roof is critical to your structure, it can start with a small leak and result in the collapse of portions of your flat roof. Taking ongoing good care of your flat roof is a key to the safety of your building and may also contribute to overall lower cost of maintenance by delaying the replacement of the roof when it ages. Need us to inspect your flat roof? call 416-605-9182.

Flat roofs issues can come by surprise and cost you an arm and a leg. Experts comment that the most common flat roof issues are resulted from weather, lack of maintenance, and improper installation and repair.


  • Flat Roof Leaks, Moisture and Ponding Water


Leaks can occur for a number of reasons. Water from rain and snow, especially in the winter, can build up, cause cracks  and seap under the ply to cause damage underneath. If the drains are not regularly maintained on flat roof, then all of the excess water has nowhere to go and results in ponding water. The more water that is trapped on the roof, the heavier it becomes, and this causes the structure to weaken and result in water damage and cave-ins. This of course results in expensive repair fees, not only for the roof, but for everything damaged by the cave-in. If you notice leaks and ponding water, be sure to call a repairman right away to avoid further damage.

  1. Flat Roofs Lack of Maintenance – Risks

While keeping up with maintenance can be a hassle, it can also save you a lot of time and money. Checking for problems before they escalate is a simple, and in the long-run, cost effective way to keep your flat roof at its best. Problems are bound to happen as the roof ages. Regular maintenance on your flat roofs ensures that small problems don’t become large problems. Also, sometimes things like ponding water are easy to spot and are a tip that maintenance needs to be done.  

  1. Improper Installation and Repairs  – What you want to be aware of

Most roofs are at their best when they are first installed, but if they are not installed properly, it will cause problems from the start. Make sure roofs are up to industry standards before building. As well, an improper repair can make a small problem a lot worse. Making sure you hire an experienced repairman can save you the time and money of having to hire multiple after a series of failed repairs.  

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